JT COVER Product information

JT Cover is an effective floating cover system for liquids and fluids. It consists of hexagonal UV-protected plastic elements which are poured on the liquid’s surface where they automatically spread and float together, thus establishing a tight cover. The elements allow free access to the tank and working without removing the cover first.

JT Cover is a maintenance-free, advantegeous and affordable system which has a lifespan of 25 years at least. It can be removed and used again on another surface.


JT Cover is delivered in big bags, each with 37 m2, and must just be dropped into the tank, basin or pond where the elements will spread, float together and cover the liquid effectively.

At the beginning only 2/3 of the delivered quantity should be poured onto the liquid. After one or two weeks further elements must be added where the surface is not closely covered yet. Wait one more week and examine the cover again to see if it is necessary to apply more elements.


The specific weight of each element ensures that JT Cover does not dive when stirring in the tank. All kinds of mixers can be used without removing the floating cover. The elements will just slide aside and re-establish themselves after the end of the operation. Just make sure to stir at least one meter under the surface when using a mixer with propellers.


The diameter of 313 mm ensures that JT Cover will not be an obstacle for suction pipes and pumps. Even 10″ suction pipes can be used directly in the tank without removing the elements. They will float apart and automatically restore the cover when the suction pipe or pump is removed.


Delivery: In big bags
Content/big bag: 37 m2
Weight/big bag: 232 kg
Measures/big bag: Ø 110 cm, 225 cm high

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