Floating cover for ponds, tanks, reservoirs and basins

JT Cover is a maintenance-free and effective floating cover for liquids and fluids. It covers 95-98% of the fluid surface and is a great solution for all sectors which require:

  • Reduction of nitrogen emission
  • Reduction of odor emission
  • Prevention of heat loss
  • Prevention or reduction of organic growth
  • Reduction of evaporation from chemicals

JT Cover is the secure choice for pig slurry, biogas, waste water, chemicals and other liquids. It can be used in tanks, ponds, basins and reservoirs. It consists of hexagonal elements that will float together to form a full cover.

Evaporation control

With JT Cover’s floating cover, you can greatly enhance evaporation control for a number of contents. In industry and farming, many countries have strict regulations that dictate what kind of emissions are accepted and how much.

JT Cover is a flexible solution in your everyday work in and around your tank, reservoir, basin or pond, that still greatly reduces emissions and evaporation of fluids, chemicals or heat. It also reduces the amount of organic growth, for instance in a water reservoir.

For pig slurry, odor emission is often a problem, and a source for complaints from neighbors. With JT Cover, the odor emission is reduced, and even with mixers, suction pipes and pumps, this modular cover will scatter, float on top and reassemble itself, when you are finished with your work.

Floating cover applications

The hexagonal modules are simply poured onto the fluid surface, where they will scatter and evetually float together to form a solid cover.

The elements allow free access to work in and around the tank without removing the cover first. JT Cover is an advantageous and affordable system, which has a lifespan of at least 25 years . It can be removed and used again on another surface.

Product: Hexagonal elements
Colour:  Black, UV-protected
Diameter:  310 mm
Height:  68 mm
Coverage:  14,5 pcs./m2
Durability:  25 years at least
Recycling: Re-usable

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