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A flexible and environmetal-friendly cover

The Clean Cover Concept JT Cover prevents unpleasant smell and eliminates algae formation caused by uncovered clarifying baisins or water reservoirs. And this in a particularly simple, quick and economical way - without static load on the basin and approved construction measures.

JT Cover covers the surface of the liquid almost 100% and ensures up to 90% less odour emission and 99% less algae formation. 

The Clean Cover Concept is a flexible floating cover of hexagonal elements which are fully environment-friendly. They are made entirely of recycled plastic. The material is practically indestructible and has a lifespan of at least 25 years which makes it possible to clean and reuse  the elements on another surface.


JT Cover does always stay on top

The Clean Cover elements cannot dive. They do always stay on top even if an agitator is used below the surface. The elements will automatically form a tight cover again when the stirring has ended. 

Thanks to the diameter of 313 mm, the covers are no obstacles for 25 cm drains and pumps. They simply slide aside. Even water intake or water outlet to or from the basin has no impact on the cover. The elements will always keep the surface closed.


No maintenance, no consequential costs

Optimal function and convincing economy ensured by the JT Cover system easily and permanently meet the constantly growing requirements for the environment. There is no expenditure on energy nor any consequential costs, and the cover is completely maintance-free.

With the Clean Cover Concept you are always safe, and flexibilty is ensured. If you want to use JT Cover on larger or smaller surfaces, you can add or remove covers at any time. 



From the big bag directly onto the surface

The application of JT Cover is quick and easy. The covers are delivered in big bags or in bulk in containers from which they can be dropped directly into the reservoir or the clarifying basin.

The construction of the elements ensures that they automatically spread on the surface and float together. The covers fit together like a puzzle and do thereby establish a tight and flexible cover.

Delivery: In big bags or in bulk in containers


How does JT Cover work?

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The Clean Cover Concept

JT Cover is a floating and maintenance-free cover system for fluids made of hexagonal Clean Cover elements.

They spread on the surface and automatically form a tight cover.

Odour emission, evaporation and algae formation are massively reduced, and heat loss is prevented.

And this in a particularly simple, quick and economical way - without static load and approved construction meassures.

Directly from the big bag onto the liquid.

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Reduces algae formation
with 99%


Reduces odour emission
up to 90%


Reduces the evaporation
of water


Reduces the evaporation
of chemicals


Prevents heat loss

Product information

Product: Hexagonal elements
Colour: Black, UV-protected
Diameter: 313 mm
Height: 68 mm
Coverage: 14,5 pcs/m2
Durability: 25 years at least
Recycling: Reusable

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