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Please order our convincing sample. This is our very best sales pitch.

  • Expected product lifetime, 25 years plus
  • Maximum value for your money
  • No maintenance
  • Our floating element is the largest on the market.
  • Our floating element is the heaviest on the market, weighing 420 grams.
  • JT Cover do not blow away.
  • Covers float perfectly under almost any condition.
  • The diameter of 313 mm ensures that JT Cover will not be an obstacle for suction pipes and pumps.
  • Evaporation/Odor:
    • Fewer elements per square meter means less risk for evaporation and bad smell etc.
  • Recycled plastic
  • The material is practically indestructible which makes it possible to clean and reuse  the elements on another surface.
    • No insurance needed
  • No supplier has been longer on the international market than us.

Food approval:

No problem, but please ask for price as food approval ALWAYS has to be 100% new plastic.

Recycled plastic CANNOT meet the standards for food approval.